[PLUG-TALK] Advice Please - Transfer of Domain apparently locked by FS/Register.com

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Sun Mar 5 10:02:58 PST 2006


I know that I haven't spent a lot of time posting on this list, but I
thought I'd post this question here anyway in the hopes that someone may
have some insight.  My Sister's livelihood depends on resolution of this
problem, and so far I've hit a road block, and am no longer certain how
I might assist her.  Please see details below.

Thanks in Advance for any help
I am in the process of transferring my Sisters web site to our
registrar SRS Plus in order to host her domain & web site for

I have encountered a serious problem while transferring the
domain name from the clutches of Free Server DOT com (FS,
spelled to due to spam filtering issues).  I have not
encountered such a problem in the 3+ years that I've been
transferring hundreds of domain names to our registrar.

The problem is such that I'm starting to suspect that FS has
perhaps found a bug in the shared registry system (SRS) which
allows them to exert control over names transferred from them.
Perhaps I'm just being paranoid.  I really can't think of any
reason for them to be doing this, other than to gain advertising
from the high volume of traffic she gets on her domain name.
Maybe its something else?

This problem is causing her to loose her high rankings in the
search engines, and is virtually destroying her business and
her livelihood.

In any event, the domain name DisabledArtistsNetwork.net when
queried at whois.internic.net resolves to SRS Plus, which
in turn lists the correct DNS server records in their database.
However, if you do a dig against the root-servers, it shows
that the DNS records are *still* pointing to FS.

Normally I'd write this off as an 'expire' issue and believe
that I should wait a few days for the registry to update.
However, when I try to input my own custom DNS records into
the SRS control panel, it gives me an error that the transfer
is still pending and the DNS records can not be changed from
the FS entries.  Exact Error is...
    RRPMODNSFAILED (Operation not allowed. Domain pending
This error has been occurring since completion of transfer
occurred on Thursday March 2nd.  Google shows 1 useless result for
the above error code.

Somehow the root servers believe that FS or Register.com (their
parent provider) is still in control of the domain name, while
internic believes control of the domain name has been transferred
to SRS Plus.

So SRS Plus can show whatever they want for contact information,
and DNS servers, but the root server DNS entries appear to still
be controlled by FS or Register.com.

Any guidance, or advice people can provide would be much
appreciated.  Perhaps there are some receiving this email that
have more experience/knowledge in the SRS protocol to provide
some insight as to how something like this could happen.

Thanks Much

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