[PLUG-TALK] Re: [PLUG] Dumb DNS Question? (port 25 filtering)

Brent Rieck bsr at spek.org
Tue Mar 7 23:22:04 PST 2006

Russ Johnson wrote:
> Personal opinion...
> Encrypting email at all is bad. It gives the general public the mistaken
> idea that email is or can be private. Then you end up with law such as
> those in some areas of Europe where it illegal for your boss to read
> your email, on the businesses PC.
> Regardless of wether anyone thinks your boss should or should not be
> able to read every byte on your work provided PC, email is not, has
> never been, and should not be private.
> If you want to send a private message, hand deliver it yourself with a
> locked box around it.

Email "should not be private"?  "hand deliver it yourself with a locked
box around it"?  My "trolldar" has been off lately so I can't quite tell
if you're a troll or not..


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