[PLUG-TALK] Re: [Techrant] Bits of Travel

Michael Rasmussen mikeraz at patch.com
Sat Mar 11 19:25:15 PST 2006

Jennifer reminded me that I need to let you know about another experience here in
the Singapore airport.

Around 3:00 or 4:00 AM local time I couldn't take the taste in my mouth and
stumbled off to brush my teeth.  By this time we'd moved from the floor to the
remarkably uncomfortable reclining chairs.  I had earplugs in and my glasses off. 
It is a quick walk across an empty concorse.  A twist, a corner (past the 7-11)
and I turn into the bathroom.  The sink is just inside the door and I brush my
teeth there.  There is no mirror above the sink.  So it's just me, the basin and
the beige tile walls.  After a few minutes of scrubbing I decide I've had enough
brushing and put the tooth brush away.  Turning to go I almost run into an Asian
(Japanese?) woman coming from the stall area.  "Male or Female?" she asks. 
OHMYGAWD!  "I'm so sorry," I blurt out and quickly turn to dash out of the room. 
On the way I almost bowl over another woman coming into the lavatory.  Two quick
turns later I'm in the men's room.  I need to use the toilet now.

   Michael Rasmussen, Portland, Ore, USA
  Be Appropriate && Follow Your Curiosity

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