[PLUG-TALK] From the dirvish list - Mac OSX 10.4 and rsync - humor, you must laugh

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Fri Oct 27 13:04:44 PDT 2006

I thought this was a clever bit of <twitch> writing about a 
problem that has been bedeviling us this week on the <twitch>
dirvish mailing list <grunt>.  The new 10.4 Macs are lovely
things, but not without their <argh> special <twitch> issues.


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I will say this.  Never had I had so much useless success.  I'm just 
elated and thrilled at finally getting finished the workflow and 
procedures that were needed to run these dirvish jobs in the environment 
I've been assigned.  My elation coupled with the current and seemingly 
insurmountable incompatibilities seems to have driven me a little 
loopy.    My wife says I've just gone MAD.  Even so, the little fairies 
and I sit up here with the glow of protons lighting our faces as we 
search for that someone (smarter than us) who can deliver us from the 
evil spell of the forces of JOBS and his wizard, OSXEA.

Yeah...um... I'm gonna go now....  I'll take my dementia to the rsync 
list for a while...


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