[PLUG-TALK] Elections and Halloweeen

alan alan at clueserver.org
Tue Oct 31 17:06:17 PST 2006

On Tue, 31 Oct 2006, Rich Shepard wrote:

> On Tue, 31 Oct 2006, Keith Lofstrom wrote:
>> So does all other forms of voting, if the process is used as a club
>> against other voters.
> Keith,
>  How many times in your life did you enthusiastically vote for someone
> because he or she really represented all your values and views?
>  For at least the past four decades the major parties have nominated those
> they felt to be most electable, not necessarily the most qualified to hold
> office. It's all about control: the major political parties each wants
> control and elections are the way to get that.
>  Here in Oregon I find it amusing that both major parties adamantly refuse
> to let independent voters participate in their primary elections. But, once
> they have chosen their candidates, each party fights mightily for the
> independent vote. Feh!
>  I've found myself voting against the evil of two lessers much more
> frequently than I actually voted _for_ someone. I'm sorry that that is the
> choice the political establishment gives me.

I know people who vote for the worst possible candidate in order to bring 
about the fall of civilization.  They are a bit more radical than I am in 
the matter.

I am coming to the conclusion though that if you enjoy things that are not 
supported by the ruling junta, you had better be prepaired to live like an 
outlaw, because sooner or later you will be treated like one.

There are people out there who have made it their sworn duty to outlaw fun 
in our lifetime.  Those people currently control most Federal agencies at 
this point.

"Land of the Free" is nothing more than an advertising slogan at this 

Q: Why do programmers confuse Halloween and Christmas?
A: Because OCT 31 == DEC 25

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