[PLUG-TALK] Citation Needed stickers

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Mon Feb 11 10:37:28 PST 2008

The latest intellectual vandalism trend (which I approve of) is
mentioned in the back page of the March 2008 Reason magazine.  
Matt Mechley at biphenyl.org designed a sticker that resembles
the Wikipedia "[citation needed]" tag, which his many anonymous
co-vandals affix to signs and advertising of all sorts (examples
at the website). 

As the election season heats up, and Palpatine, Tinkerbell and the
Wicked Witch hurl increasingly unsubstantiated insults at each other,
it is nice to have something to affix to their campaign signs. 
A 100 foot banner for the White House fence would also be helpful.


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