[PLUG-TALK] Linksys Wireless G home network

Richard C. Steffens rsteff at comcast.net
Mon Feb 11 22:34:17 PST 2008

Some friends of mine had Comcast install a wireless network in their
house. They both have XP systems. They asked me to swap out one of their
computers with a third one that was sitting around gathering dust --
it's a bit newer.

Fine. No problem. What's your WEP pass phrase (or whatever)?

Their response: What's that?

Seems the Comcast guy set them up, but didn't leave the pass phrase on
the job ticket. I seldom use wireless. The time I did, I was given the
pass phrase, and typed it in when asked. However, I've never tried to
find it again.

Does anyone know where to look in XP to find the WEP pass phrase? Is
that even possible?


Dick Steffens

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