[PLUG-TALK] reel-reel

Denis Heidtmann denish at dslnorthwest.net
Tue Jun 10 21:08:41 PDT 2008

I did such some years ago using a guy I found in the yellow pages.  I will try 
to see if I can resurrect the name.  He lived near Multnomah Village.  His main 
business was music taping and writing CD of the result.


 From Russell:
I am looking to "recover" the best
possible (in a practical sense) audio from an old (~40 years)
reel-to-reel tape, into a digital format.  Preferrably someone in
town.  I have a 20 year old audio cassette copy, but the treble end of
the spectrum is pretty much shot on that copy.  I am hoping that the
original is in better condition, but of course without the gear I have
no idea.  I know there are places I can ship to, but the original is
precious and I'd rather not risk it getting lost.

Can anyone recommend someone in town who can do a good job with the
material that's available?

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