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EC CARES at the University of Oregon is looking for a Python/Turbogears web
applications programmer - see link and position summary below. Since good
candidates for this position might not be following want ads (not many
python jobs listed), I'm posting this to open-source and related forums and
lists. I apologize for cross-posting to the euglug and itpro forum lists -
some of you may have seen this announcement many times.


Full position announcement at: 

In an eggshell:

Python/Turbogears Web Applications Programmer
Full-time academic year position
Salary range: $2819 - $4404 per month ( $16.26 - $25.41 per hour)

Work location: EC CARES Building, University of Oregon, 299 E 18th Ave,
Eugene OR

Early Intervention (EI) and Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) are
state and federally funded programs that provide services for children with
developmental delays. All counties in Oregon have EI/ECSE programs, and most
use case management and forms processing software developed at EC CARES (the
EI/ECSE provider for Lane County). This is a new position responsible for
the technical design and programming of this software, and works closely
with the project manager who provides oversight and handles implementation
and user support.

The software includes case management features, forms subsystem,
immunization analysis, medicaid billing record management and reporting
tools. It is developed on Macintosh hardware and hosted on Mac OSX Server,
and designed for Firefox (any platform). The project uses mostly open source
software, and specifically these applications and frameworks:

Python 2.5
Mac OSX Server Tools

The following knowledge, skills and experience are necessary for this

Expert Python and SQL programming skills, and proficiency with Javascript,
CSS, XHTML and web standards. Professional experience with open source
projects, ideally using Turbogears and MySQL. Experience with Mac OSX Server
or other server administration. Familiarity with version control. Skills
using on-line documentation for open source packages. Wide knowledge of
open-source software and ability to find, evaluate, learn and implement new
open source technologies.

If any questions about the position, please contact:

Dan Smellow
ECData admin
dsmellow at uoregon.edu

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