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Mon Mar 31 18:32:33 PDT 2008

>>>>> "Pomeroy" == Pomeroy Lab <ultumix at mindblowingidea.com> writes:

Pomeroy> YAY I Subscribed!  Announcing Ultumix GNU/Linux Version
Pomeroy> SE, GE, and UE.
Pomeroy>  Ultumix GNU/Linux has been and always will be by previous
Pomeroy> Windows users for current Windows users. [...]
Now that we are on a forum where flammage is allowed if not
encouraged, I'll say that imho that PLUG is the weirdest imaginable
place to be promoting this distribution of yours.  I haven't been a
habitual MS Windows user since practically when Windows was released.
Since your distribution is focused on current Windows users, why not
spam them instead?  /me boggled

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