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We don't have a mailing list because no one that understands mailing lists will join our group or help us. Thats how a lot of things are for us. We are all people that were using Windows 3 - 4 years ago. I may have known about Linux in 2001 but I didn't give up Windows so easily. We are trying to pave the way for other Windows Users but so far the rest of the Linux community besides Richard Stallman, Linux Mint, and our members have rejected us and criticized our efforts. We really need help. We don't expect anyone to jump on our bandwagon to help us in our efforts because most only care about current Linux users or think that all Windows users should have to completely reprogram themselves to learn Gnome or something like that. We had a hard time learning GNU/Linux and thats why we are making it easier in a legal way. We don't want to disobey the laws like a lot of other people do that make distros with Microsoft's codecs and interfaces in them. We are making an original
 interface and just trying to help people. Who knows maybe this summer our distro will die out and no one will be using it. All I know is that it sounds stupid to expect Windows users to learn Ubuntu or another distro that they are not familiar with when Ultumix is just easy to learn. 

Jeme A Brelin <jeme at brelin.net> wrote: 
On Mon, 31 Mar 2008, Pomeroy Lab wrote:
> Ultumix GNU/Linux has been and always will be by previous Windows users 
> for current Windows users.

It's always going to be for current Windows users?  So you don't intend 
anyone to ever become a current Ultumix user?  How are they expected to 
use Ultumix if they're Windows users?

Shouldn't it be that your distribution is by previous Windows users for 
previous Windows users?

I mean, you're essentially saying here that you don't want to convert 


PS.  I'm pretty sure nobody here wants PLUG to be subscribed to a mailing 
list.  If PLUG users want to be subscribed to your list, they can do it on 
their own.
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