[PLUG-TALK] Preposterosity nominorum

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Sun Apr 26 13:01:55 PDT 2009

I am seeking opinions/votes on the following names:

Percy Pinponder
Tanner Putzermann
Shayne Shoenecker
Quentin Quigglesworth
Conner Thornberry
King Bottomsworth
Beauregard Beaumont
Ethelbert Buttersby
Donald McNugget
Hunter Horsehaven

Alyce Eaton-Cladwell
Arlinda Elphinstone
Yutsie Scheckeldorff
Cheyenne Longshanks
Petulance Spellingwell
Giselle von Backslicker
Luxotica Honeyfuggle
Tansy Breastwhistle

Sonny Yoggleman
Tracy Daggersmelt
Dallas Habernackle

Please select one each from the Men and Women lists as the ones you
think are most amusing or preposterous. Or you can one or two from the
Genderless list for the Men or Female choice(s). The total should be
two choices, one of which serve as a man's name and another which can
serve as a woman's name. 

Comments are welcome. And you can also make suggestions. I need names
that could be real, but sound funny.

Have fun.

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