[PLUG-TALK] Preposterosity nominorum

Denis Heidtmann denish at dslnorthwest.net
Sun Apr 26 20:13:08 PDT 2009

John Jason Jordan wrote:
> I am seeking opinions/votes on the following names:
> Men:
> Percy Pinponder
> Tanner Putzermann
> Shayne Shoenecker
> Quentin Quigglesworth
> Conner Thornberry
> King Bottomsworth
> Beauregard Beaumont
> Ethelbert Buttersby
> Donald McNugget
> Hunter Horsehaven
> Women:
> Alyce Eaton-Cladwell
> Arlinda Elphinstone
> Yutsie Scheckeldorff
> Cheyenne Longshanks
> Petulance Spellingwell
> Giselle von Backslicker
> Luxotica Honeyfuggle
> Tansy Breastwhistle
> Genderless:
> Sonny Yoggleman
> Tracy Daggersmelt
> Dallas Habernackle
> Please select one each from the Men and Women lists as the ones you
> think are most amusing or preposterous. Or you can one or two from the
> Genderless list for the Men or Female choice(s). The total should be
> two choices, one of which serve as a man's name and another which can
> serve as a woman's name. 
> Comments are welcome. And you can also make suggestions. I need names
> that could be real, but sound funny.
> Have fun.

Tanner Putzermann
Yutsie Scheckeldorff

I once met a salesman named Potter Trainer.  Really.
There was a family in Syracuse, NY named Chandelier.  They named a daughter Irma 
Crystal.  Really.


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