[PLUG-TALK] Preposterosity nominorum

Michael M. Moore michael at writemoore.net
Mon Apr 27 11:40:33 PDT 2009

John Jason Jordan wrote:
> I am seeking opinions/votes on the following names:
> Men:

> King Bottomsworth

"Bottomsworth" is bad enough, but naming a child "King"?

> Women:

> Petulance Spellingwell
> Giselle von Backslicker

"Petulance" is asking for trouble, I don't care what the last name is. 
But in combination with "Spellingwell" it sounds like a copyeditor from 
hell.  "von Backslicker" just sounds incredibly improbable.  Though 
there's nothing wrong with "Giselle."  Still, to pick one, I'd go with 

A friend of mine worked at London Records with a woman named Aida 
Berger.  I loved that name.  And I went to college with a Joe Glass, who 
had a sister named Tiffany.  That's more groan-worthy than amusing or 

Michael M.

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