[PLUG-TALK] What is Marriage? - biblicat justifications

Gregory Salter winterbeastie at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 3 04:38:48 PST 2009

>> p.s.: i take back my crack about obama's health plan getting you your
>> medication.  I looked it up.  There is no pill for your problem.

>As far as there being no pill for me, that's
>because I'm not diseased and don't need a pill.

Oh, but you are. you are suffering from Witless Witnessing. As far as we can tell, you may well be a member of the Westboro Baptist Church, 
or at least have similar leanings of faith. Furthermore, you are using a fire and brimstone approach when sugar and spice are needed. 
As such, you have turned most of the list against you, and two members have left the list solely on the basis of your message. 
The bible calls Christians to be as Sneaky as Snakes, and as Harmless as Doves. You are being as sneaky as a Buffalo, and as harmless
as a Fart in an elevator.  What is it that makes you think that the members of the Portland Linux Users Group want to hear about matters of faith?
If I remember correctly there is a christian version of ubuntu, but I have not explored it. there is a christian icon version of firefox, which I use myself. 
(the refresh button has a Dove symbol, the Stop button a Cross, and the Home button a little church) no one is really interested in reading you 
sounding like Fred Phelps. Will you join Phelps in protesting the funerals of our soldiers?

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