[PLUG-TALK] a superset of censorship

Michael Robinson plug_1 at robinson-west.com
Sat Jan 3 17:40:46 PST 2009

On Sat, 2009-01-03 at 17:03 -0800, glen e. p. ropella wrote:
> Thus spake Someone circa 01/03/2009 04:32 PM:
> > Having difficulty with not liking me Glenn?
> No, actually.  I'm fine with not liking you.  But, then again, I don't
> even know you.  So, I neither like nor dislike you.
> > Do you have to like everyone and be 
> > liked by them?
> No.  In fact, there are many people who don't like me and many people I
> don't like.  But I _do_ make very concerted attempts to respect people I
> don't know (and often don't like).  I don't have to like you to respect
> you ... not that I do or don't respect you ... I'm just making a point.

What is respect?  It is not encouraging someone to pursue something
that will be harmful to them or to others because it is PC to do so.
I am being respectful by standing my ground and sticking to my beliefs.

> > I didn't take a moment where noone else had to
> > help so and so on plug figure out what's wrong
> > with his mail server.  Nope, that wasn't me.  
> Dude!  I was the one suggesting that you do actually contribute to the
> community!  I _might_ have been an ally in your trolling.  But if you
> insist on making everyone an enemy, well, there's not much I can do
> about that.
> > If people want to be rational and not call
> > me a homophobe, that would be awfully nice.
> To be honest, my guess is that those people don't know whether or not
> you're actually a homophobe.  But they work with what they have.  And
> what they have is the vitriol and hate you're spewing all over the
> mailing list.  So, even if they're over-reaching a bit when they call
> you a homophobe, I'm ok with their accusations because you sure talk
> like a homophobe.  And I should know.  I'm one myself.

What hate?  You say I spew hate, yet you don't point to it or prove
yourself.  Of course I have a thick skin, I have to do deal with
Christophobes.  Most of what I have posted are either links to
what experts have to say about homosexuality or their actual
words.  Have you been paying close attention?  Probably not,
you probably aren't completely open.

> I really get the heebie-jeebies when an openly gay person playfully
> teases me.  It's taken decades for me to fully realize how such a
> reaction comes from deeply ingrained interpersonal habits and patterns.
>  In college, one of my friends took great joy in "coming on" to me just
> to see me react.  Even then, however, I recognized it for what it was,
> playful ribbing, no less innocent than teasing someone for the type of
> truck they drive.
> Does this mean I'm a little bit gay (or bisexual) myself?  Who knows?
> Who cares?  But I do know that it's disrespectful, insulting, and
> _should_ be illegal to treat gay people any differently than I treat
> anyone else.  And I can tell you that, regardless of whether I like or
> respect you, if you mistreat any gay person in my presence, I will
> likely act in an attempt to set you straight.  Included in such
> mistreatment is the textual diarrhea you've splattered all over this
> list.  To ignore your abusive behavior is to condone that behavior.

I'm not suggesting that people be singled out as gay or lesbian and
treated differently.  I'm suggesting that they be compassionately
discouraged from being actively homosexual, encouraged to live
chastely.  Some homosexuals, many probably, can be cured.

> > Nope, everyone wants to sidestep the issue
> > by labeling me a taker and a bigot.  Well
> > fine, I'll just keep posting to this list
> > and enjoy keeping people on their toes.
> You really are thick headed aren't you?  Your posts to this list are NOT
> achieving your stated objective.  By definition, this means you are
> _insane_.  What's the definition of "insane"?  Doing the same thing over
> and over again, expecting different results.

It is making a difference, people are engaging me and I am slowly
answering them.  The hate being spewed at me for trying to
lead people away from condoning homosexual sex is not helping matters.

> But, actually, that's OK.  We're all a little bit insane just like we're
> all a little bit gay.... yes, even you.  You're at least a little bit
> gay.  Let's hope you learn that before you die and have to face your god.

It is hateful to call me gay.  I respect God's creation of man and woman
and I have no, make that zero, attraction to men.  Leviticus is very
clear about homosexuality being an abomination and Christ did NOT,
repeat did NOT do away with the levitical moral code.

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