[PLUG-TALK] Visiting from Tacoma

glen e. p. ropella gepr at tempusdictum.com
Mon Jan 5 14:05:05 PST 2009

Thus spake Michael Robinson circa 05/01/09 01:51 PM:
> That is your answer to everything Glen, that a guy needs to have sex to
> be nice?

No, not everything.  But it helps.  Sex releases chemicals that make a
person happier, as does exercise and eating the right foods.  Prayer and
meditation also produce such chemicals.  My guess is that a person who
engages in all of those happiness inducing activities is happier than
one who only engages in a subset of them.  Hence, if you had sex more
often, you'd probably be a happier person.  And happy people are, in my
experience, nicer than unhappy people.

You're not a nice person at all, from what I can tell.  Hence, my guess
is that you don't do all of the above.  And I suspect that if you do any
of them, you must be doing them wrong to be so unhappy.

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