[PLUG-TALK] Racism

glen e. p. ropella gepr at tempusdictum.com
Tue Jan 6 14:52:55 PST 2009

Thus spake Michael Robinson circa 06/01/09 02:18 PM:
> You insist that there are contradictions in my moral code
> but astonishingly, you don't name them.

I don't need to.  Others have done quite well.  Please read:


as well as Jason's last criticism -- that you demand homosexuals change
themselves, thereby advocating that they have no choice but to change in
order to be moral ...

... and respond to your contradictions listed therein.

If you make a reasonable effort to respond, then I'll give you the
benefit of the doubt and suggest that (at least you _believe_) your
disagreement with homosexuality is principled.  But if you don't respond
directly to your critics' criticisms, then you're just a parrot
repeating rhetoric you've memorized, totally absent any principles.

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