[PLUG-TALK] Alan Turing is an isolated tragedy...

Michael Robinson plug_1 at robinson-west.com
Tue Jan 6 14:59:15 PST 2009

Using Alan Turing dying from treatment as an argument that 
homosexuality shouldn't be cured ignores the fact that treatment 
methods have changed because of what happened to him.  I am not 
glad that Alan Turing died.

As far as the argument that I demand homosexuals get cured.  Obviously,
the cure rate is not 100%.  I recommend that those who can be cured
get cured and for the rest I recommend medical and other help so that
they can live a chaste lifestyle despite their homosexual urges.

Just because I have heterosexual urges, does that give me the right
to have/force sex with/on any woman I happen to come across?  No.
Having homosexual urges doesn't give someone the right to have sex
either, these are just urges.  That heterosexuals may have an easier
time than homosexuals controlling their urges could be one reason why
homosexuality is detrimental to society as a whole.  Promiscuity
numbers wise is a bigger problem in the heterosexual community
because there are far more heterosexuals than homosexuals.  Still,
I hear that promiscuity is a huge problem in the homosexual world.


Is the latter where the criticism of Dr. Gerald Schoenewolf is coming
from?  Actually, African American slaves often were people who were
sold into slavery by their own tribesmen.  This is a fact of history.
As far as being better off eventually in the United States, African
Americans are in much better shape today overall than they were during
slavery.  So where is Gerald is a racist coming from?  He didn't
approve of the founding fathers having slaves, in fact he called it
morally indefensible.  That doesn't sound like a racist to me.
Words can be taken out of context and misconstrued, that appears
to be what has happened with the allegations of racism against
Dr. Schoenewolf.

Well, I looked for this nebulous document Gay Right and Political
Correctness: A brief history and couldn't find it.  I question whether
or not it exists.  I think this supposed talk and the content is
made up.


The latter is a little something on responding to pro-hay theology.

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