[PLUG-TALK] Increasing aggregate goodness in the world

Russell Senior russell at personaltelco.net
Sat Jan 17 15:58:38 PST 2009

>>>>> "Jason" == Jason Dagit <dagitj at gmail.com> writes:

Russell> I'd recommend just cutting the cord and walking away.  It is
Russell> 98.5% time-wasting crap anyway.  Do something useful with
Russell> your free time instead, something that makes you smarter
Russell> instead of dumber, healthier instead of sicker, and/or that
Russell> increases the aggregate goodness in the world.

Jason> [...] Let's start a list of geek friendly clubs (other than the
Jason> obvious PLUG) here in Portland, or organizations where we can
Jason> volunteer, especially if you geek skills are in demand.  I
Jason> haven't lived here long so, I don't know of any yet!  Is
Jason> freegeek still around?

Heh.  Well, first off I have to mention the Personal Telco Project.
If you don't know already, we are a local educational non-profit that
thinks people should have more say about how networks are operated,
which we've been doing to date by setting up open wifi networks.  We
have an ongoing need for more people to help maintain nodes.  We are
going to be developing a new OpenWrt firmware image for about 25 of
them (to replacing an aging and mostly unmaintained debian image on
recycled pc's) and we'd welcome involvement in that project as well.
We are currently raising money (hint-hint) to help fund the purchase
of Alix boards to run the OpenWrt firmware image.


Hopefully you've stopped paying attention, looking up the PTP website
to contact me or something, but if that bored you, there is also an
organization called NTEN <http://www.nten.org/>, which is a group of
techy people helping non-techy non-profits.  As for geek friendly
clubs, I'd watch calagator.org for upcoming meetings of geeky/techy

Russell Senior, Secretary
russell at personaltelco.net

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