[PLUG-TALK] typing on bubble wrap

Richard C. Steffens rsteff at comcast.net
Thu Jan 22 07:29:12 PST 2009

Keith Lofstrom wrote:
> ...in order to add another subject for me to be opinionated
> about, I would like opinions on good and bad keyboard feel,
> and the brands and models that deliver them.

I'm typing on a Logitech Y-SG13 that I've had for several years. There 
is no extra click, but it doesn't feel like bubble wrap. It has a 
detachable wrist support, which I find useful, although I'd call it a 
heel-of-the-hand support.

I'm typing this to listen and feel for what feedback there is -- most of 
the time I don't notice. I can tell when I bottom out, and I can hear 
the noise of the keys, though, as I said before, there isn't an obvious 

I haven't looked for anything for several years. I remember back when 
keyboards were expensive -- over $100 for Keytronics. Back then you 
could find ones that distinguished themselves in one way or another, 
each apparently meeting the needs of a different market niche. But, with 
their commoditization, being available for $5, and most people willing 
to take what they are given, those manufacturers seem to have given up, 
or at least given up trying to advertise where I would see them.


Dick Steffens

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