[PLUG-TALK] Pairing Bluetooth Headset to Cell Phone

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Tue May 11 15:38:28 PDT 2010

   My Web searches with Google consistently confirmed that the Plantronics
520 Bluetooth headset is compatible with the Treo 700p. That's what I read
on the Palm, Plantronics, TreoCentral, and other sites. So I bought the
headset on eBay (new), and I'm trying to get it to pair (digital mating)
with the phone. No luck. I cannot get the Treo to recognize it.

   The Plantronics manual directs me to configure the phone with bluetooth
communications turned on, then go through its setup procedure. When the
phone is searching for a 'nearby device' I press and hold the headset's
power button and it flashes red, then blue for a few seconds as notice that
it's in estrous and ready to pair up with a compatible partner.

   The Treo manual tells me that when I click the 'initiate setup' button
followed by setting the headset in heat, I should see the device in the
window as a recognized trusted device. No such joy.

   I joined TreoCentral to subscribe to their Web-based forum and posted a
request for help there. No response after about 7 hours. Someone on the
jpilot mail list suggested a treo group on (gag!) yahoo! so I went through
signing up with them to join that group. Still waiting for moderator

   While I doubt that anyone here has the Treo 700p and Plantronics 520,
perhaps there is useful experience gained with other combinations of phone
and bluetooth headset. I would like to use it while traveling on business.

   As an aside, I'm surprised how many people I see who are driving with a
phone against their heads despite the new law being in effect for four

   So, any and all advice from you radio experts will be much appreciated.


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