[PLUG-TALK] Kids and risks

Richard Powell plug at hackhawk.net
Sun Dec 4 09:21:57 PST 2011

On 12/3/2011 10:38 PM, Russell Johnson wrote:
> On Dec 3, 2011, at 9:58 PM, Russell Senior wrote:
>> As a current parent that is qualified to comment, I think that the
>> whole medicate-the-child thing, to the degree that it ever existed, is
>> mostly a thing of the past, a fad or trend that was arrested and
>> reversed.
> I hope you are right.

I've been watching this thread with great interest.  I have a 6 year old
son who could easily be deemed ADHD under the standards of 10 years ago.

I certainly don't want to medicate him.  And the therapist his mother
and I saw at the beginning of this year did not suggest medicating him.
 And now, his K teacher has said with great enthusiasm that she would
not suggest medicating him.

So at least in our case, it seems to be a thing of the past in that regard.

I think many people, I would wager *especially* in Portland Oregon,
realize that those encouraging such wide use of meds were either part of
big pharma, or those that did not see their (big pharma's) true
motivation.  Greed.  I don't mean to say there aren't legitimate good
hearted people inventing or promoting such drugs in special/extreme
cases.  I just think there's a more balanced approach in many more
people these days.

Either way.  The task of raising a child that is hyperactive, and with a
short attention span is crazy difficult.  He is a distraction to the
other kids in his class that really want to listen/learn, and it is
heart breaking to go through.

There is no magic pill.  There will always be consequences (even if
small) to using meds.  The next dozen or so years will be difficult.  I
know that.


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