[PLUG-TALK] travel to china experience?

Russell Senior russell at personaltelco.net
Mon Dec 12 20:57:30 PST 2011

My wife is going to Guam in March for work.  She has been studying
Mandarin Chinese for the last year or so and is reasonably fluent.  It
occurred to me that, omg, you are almost all the way to China in Guam,
why not see if you can hop on a plane and do a few day visit to China
while you are there.  There is a flight through Korea for not too much.

So, we start doing research about getting a tourist visa to China.  So
far, it looks like it's not possible to apply for a visa by mail, and
that you must present yourself (or via an agent) to the regional
consulate, which for us appears to be in San Francisco.  Naturally, as
much as we like the bay area, we'd prefer not to travel there just get
a visa.

Has anyone reading this applied for a visa to China?  What was your


Russell Senior, President
russell at personaltelco.net

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