[PLUG-TALK] Satellite Radio for Use in Two Vehicles

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Tue Jul 19 18:34:56 PDT 2011

   I have a Sirius Starmate 5 satellite radio that I would like to move
between two vehicles, depending on which one I take on long trips. I figure
I can glue super magents on the dash of each vehicle and on the radio
mounting bracket to attach the radio to the dash, rest the antenna on the
top of the dash, and use the lighter outlet since the adapter comes with the

   What I've not figured out is how to connect the audio output of the
receiver to either in-vehicle radio. Both vehicles are old (1985 and 1992)
that the radios lack an 'audio in' socket on the front, and only one has a
cassette slot. I'm sure there is radio/vehicle expertise among we
subscribers and someone will have a working solution.

   Is there a small amplifier with speakers that I can use for this? Do I get
behind the radios and bring an attachment to the front of the dash?

Suggestions appreciated,


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