[PLUG-TALK] Cable modems: rent or buy?

Russell Johnson russ at dimstar.net
Wed Mar 2 19:21:33 PST 2011

On Mar 2, 2011, at 7:02 PM, Denis Heidtmann wrote:

> If one hires an advisor to help them through some difficulty, he can reasonably expect to get advice.  But the advice need not be followed.  Why is it different in this case?  People will do what they see fit, but what they see fit might be altered by judicious counseling.  Granted, the relationship between a client and a case worker could be unbalanced; that needs to addressed, independent of the advice offered.

Case workers are not advisors. Case workers are paper pushers, and simply make sure the forms are filled out. At least, that's how I've always been treated when I've had the misfortune to avail myself of services from DHS. 

Russell Johnson
russ at dimstar.net

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