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Thu Mar 3 10:25:44 PST 2011

On Thu, 03 Mar 2011 08:28:31 -0800
Galen Seitz <galens at seitzassoc.com> dijo:

>> If anyone has a mini DVI to VGA connector/adapter/cable and will be
>> at the meeting tomorrow, bring it and we'll experiment to see if my
>> Atrix 4G can be displayed on the projector. By "mini DVI" I mean
>> that the video cable that came with my Atrix 4G ends in a male
>> connector that is about 9/16 inch wide by about 3/16 inch thick. The
>> VGA connector on the podium at PSU is a male connector (I think), so
>> the VGA end of the cable/connector/adapter needs to be female. This
>> is Portland, so gender bending is acceptable, however, in my
>> experience cables are less flexible in that area than humans. I
>> might be wrong about the podium connector, but I know that I have a
>> VGA cable that connects to it and my cable is female on both ends.
>> Sex is so confusing.

>Too lazy to actually search for projectors, so I'll just speculate.
>I'd be surprised if the projector had a male connector.  Generally it 
>has been the case that both monitors and computers have a female 
>connector.  Presumably this is due to it being preferable that any 
>bent pins occur in a cable rather than a monitor or computer.  Since a 
>projector is effectively a monitor, I would expect it to have a female 

The VGA out on my Thinkpad is male. And I have a cable that I know will
connect it to the podiums at PSU, and the cable is female on both ends.
So my guess is that the connector on the podium is male. And note that
I planned to connect to the podium, not directly to the back of the
projector. No climbing on tables tonight.

But you may be right. We'll find out tonight.

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