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Alex Young alexander.young at gmail.com
Sat Mar 5 14:42:30 PST 2011

On Sat, Mar 5, 2011 at 2:17 PM, Keith Lofstrom <keithl at kl-ic.com> wrote:

Brian's being a Christian, and wanting to hang out with other
> Christians, is not a moral crime.  You would have a hard time
> making a case against him in court even if you think there is
> a law or two supporting you (hint: you usually must show direct
> and monetizable harm).  And battle is a Big Strategic Mistake.
> It entrenches the opposition.  If you want to get in gang
> fights, please do it elsewhere.  We have a mission - Linux
> World Domination - and these other battles are a distraction.

I really could care less about his attempt at exclusion of non-G-dly people,
what ever that means.  But when you get into this whole list
of specific outsiders ("orthodox Jew or pro-life Christian"), yeah, I have a
problem with that.  That's how ethnic cleansing starts, and IMHO, that's
something quite worthy of speaking out against.

Maybe there's an exception for him since he'll probably attract somewhere
south of 15 partners in this endeavor (I'd suspect closer to 0), but that
really doesn't make it anywhere near OK.

Anyway, no big deal, people have license to disagree, that's what makes the
world an interesting place.  I just find this particular position
particularly distasteful.

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