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Forwarded from Mercy Corps:
The Biggest Idea in Development: Migration

Join us at the Action Center on Thursday, March 10, when economist
Michael Clemens gives a talk entitled The Biggest Idea in Development that
No One Really Tried: Migration and Global Prosperity.  Labor mobility,
according to Clemens, can do more to extend opportunity and prosperity to
the world's poor than anything that's been put into practice.

Clemens draws from numerous case studies and data sets, and uses empirical
evidence to show impacts of migration on sending and receiving countries --
including the effects immigrant labor has on jobs and the local economy.

I've learned to scientifically document every major claim I make about
migration. I want to raise the level of the debate to a conversation about
facts," says Clemens.

Michael Clemens is a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development
where he leads the Migration and Development initiative. He has served as a
consultant for the World Bank, the Environmental Defense Fund, and the
United Nations Development Program. Dr. Clemens joined the Center after
completing his Ph.D. in Economics at Harvard in 2002.

Tickets for this lecture are $15.00 and available online.
On a similar theme, Lant Pritchett's "Let Their People Come: Breaking
the Gridlock on Global Labor Mobility"  also discusses this topic,
and is available free online as per-chapter PDFs:


Pritchett calls the issue "global labor apartheid", and shows how
restrictions on labor mobility damages both rich and poor countries
alike.  Of course, with both Dems and Reps promising to eliminate
"illegal immigration", I expect many here to disagree with this.
Send those penguin-loving Icebacks back to Helsinki!  :-/


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