[PLUG-TALK] New TV for Mom - Analog to Digital box

Michael michael at jamhome.us
Wed Mar 9 12:21:42 PST 2011

And thanks to Bill
for pointing out my mistype...

wes wrote:
> I sort of
suspect you have the terms reversed - you are probably talking
> about
connecting a newer TV (with no coax input) to an older, analog cable

Yes, that's exactly the idea.
> Only a
small number of TVs will truly not support analog signals - you may
have to use something to convert from coax to RCA (a tuner box) but the TV
> itself will almost certainly support what you need. I have not actually
> a TV yet that will not support analog, but I won't try to claim
that one
> does not exist.
> What model TV do you
want to get for mother dearest?

The original idea was to get
something at Fred Meyers.  If there was a problem then she would only have a
25 mile drive to return or exchange.  Everything they had in Brookings was
HDMI input only.  We didn't drive to Coos Bay to see if there were other
Now I'm just looking for something physically less than
29" wide from a maker with a reputation of reasonable reliability. 
Something plain vanilla would fit her well.

 Be Appropriate &&
Follow Your Curiosity
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