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HumaniNet Global ICT eUpdate 
March 11, 2011 

Seismic "quake up" calls. Earlier this week, our town in Oregon held an
Emergency Preparedness Fair, which was well attended and a very good
thing. James Roddey, a geologist known as Oregon's "Prophet of Doom,"
gave a stunning presentation, pointing out that a 9.0 earthquake
(which our state has had many times before, and is overdue after
exactly 311 years) delivers 810,000 times more total force than a
5.0 quake. He encouraged the audience to "join the obsessed few"
 to start preparing for an event that could happen tomorrow. 

And then, two days later, came the 8.9 earthquake off the coast of
Sendai, Japan, and a tsunami that is a grim reminder of the Asia
tsunami just over five years ago. 

Our county and city emergency management folks have a huge job,
but so do all of us in the northwest United States, and anywhere
in a vulnerable zone. Survival is up to us. Our government agencies
can do only so much. See our Preparedness page for more on this.
We continue to be mindful of the victims, survivors, and challenges
in Japan, Christchurch, and elsewhere. 

Setting a readiness example: Our newest field partner, the Eagles'
Wings Foundation, has just procured a BGAN terminal, and on Thursday
they set it up for a first test, successful all the way, voice and
data. Only eight hours later, Japan experienced its biggest quake
in recorded history. For communications and more, Eagles' Wings are
ready, and can deploy to anywhere in the Pacific.  See their Web
site for contact information and more on their Pathfinders Task
Force, which had also responded to the Haiti earthquake in 2010. 

Volunteer request: HumaniNet is working with a partner in Indonesia
to identify operational tsunami warning systems that can alert
people and communities in the region over cell phones and satellite
phones.  We need a project lead and one or two researchers.  The
catastrophic March 10 Japan tsunami is the latest "wake up call" for
the importance of these warning systems. If you are interested,
please send a paragraph about yourself to info at humaninet.org. 

Gregg Swanson 
Executive Director, HumaniNet 
gregg at humaninet.org 


HumaniNet is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports
humanitarian relief and development field teams with practical
assistance in global information and communication technologies,
or ICT. Through its growing network of over 300 partners and
participating organizations, HumaniNet enables the sharing of
best practices, identifies and tests promising solutions, and
makes current information available to NGOs and humanitarian 
and mission organizations. For more information, please visit
www.humaninet.org or contact us at info at humaninet.org.

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