[PLUG-TALK] My Condolences to T-Mobile Customers

Russell Senior seniorr at aracnet.com
Tue Mar 22 06:34:22 PDT 2011

>>>>> "RJ" == Russell Johnson <russ at dimstar.net> writes:

RJ> It was a long and complicated process where Cingular acquired the
RJ> what at the time was AT&T, and then renamed itself. There was even
RJ> a skit about it on the daily show that showed all the players.

>>  "Originally Cingular Wireless LLC, a joint venture between SBC
>> Communications and BellSouth, the company acquired the old AT&T
>> Wireless in 2004; SBC later acquired the original AT&T and
>> re-branded as "The New AT&T". Cingular became wholly owned by The
>> New AT&T in December 2006 as a result of AT&T's acquisition of
>> BellSouth."
>> There is a distinction to be made between AT&T and AT&T Wireless.
>> You say Cingular bought AT&T, but it really just bought AT&T
>> Wireless.
>> SBC and BellSouth owned Cingular.  Cingular Wireless LLC bought
>> AT&T Wireless.  SBC bought AT&T SBC bought BellSouth to bring
>> though whole thing back together again.  SBC renamed itself AT&T.

RJ> Which does not make my statement any less accurate. We are
RJ> speaking of two different events.

Your statement is inaccurate.  Cingular bought AT&T Wireless.
Cingular never renamed itself to AT&T.  You keep saying they did, but
it keeps not being true.  I'm not saying it matters, just trying to
keep the facts straight.  SBC is the company that bought the AT&T name
and adopted it.

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