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If you're looking for a change of scenary and a job,
or know of skilled people who are, this is an opportunity to sieze.

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Subject: [Pdx-pm] OSCON and Recruitment
Date:    Tue, March 22, 2011 07:42

Hi everyone,

I was hoping someone could volunteer to be a
local contact for me? I just found out that I'm heading to OSCON (yay!).
Unfortunately, it's for business and I'll have little time to socialize
(boo!). That being said, my employer is hoping I might be able to meet up with
some locals for an informal "why not move to Amsterdam?" BOF (at
OSCON or at the Lucky Lab or something is fine).  Seems we're hiring (and
willing to pay for your relocation and sponsor your work permit) for:

    * Android Application Developer
    * Data Center Operations
    * Database Administrator 
    * Front End Developer
    * iPhone / iPad OS Application Developer
    * IT Security
    * IT Support Technician 
    * Network Engineer 
    * Perl Developer  
    * Unix Administrator
    * Web

I know there  are still plenty of technical folks in
Portland still struggling to find work so we thought you might be a target
rich environment, but outside of Perl Mongers, I wouldn't know where to go
hunting :)

Help? :)

and work overseas - http://overseas-exile.blogspot.com/
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