[PLUG-TALK] PXE and Class B

Daniel Herrington dherrington at robertmarktech.com
Thu Mar 24 08:21:38 PDT 2011


Anybody out there work with Boot servers? I'm seeing an issue with a 
vendor supplied boot server using a class B subnet. I have a DHCP 
server, a bootp server at, a target server at, 
and a gateway at There is no routing hardware between the the 
bootp, DHCP, and target servers.

Form my understanding, the target and bootp servers should talk to each 
other without needing to go through the gateway. It should be MAC 
address to MAC address since they are within the same subnet.

The problem is the target gets a DHCP address, but never gets the 
pxeboot file. The reason could be that the pxe request is never recieved 
by the bootp server because PXE doesn't go across subnets. I'm unclear 
if it will traverse class b networks though, or just stay at the Class C 
level. The other cause could be the vendor's implementation of the bootp 

My question is, does standard PXE traverse class B subnets?


Daniel Herrington
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Robert Mark Technologies
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