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Subject: [freegeek-social] local brewers need computer assistance!

If anyone knows how to do this, please contact Sean Thommen at
Amnesiasean at hotmail.com.

- Laurel

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Subject: [freegeek-info] Need help with/pointed in the right direction
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Hello friends at free geek!
I am a brewer at Amnesia Brewing and I, along with fellow other
brewers In town, am putting together an event that will bring together
many members of the beer community. It's a silly little thing call
"The Brewers Feud" a Family Feud format event held at a local brewery
that pits several brewers/ beer
bloggers/bartenders/journalists/distributors/possibly even politicians
on two teams against each other.  The teams are asked beer related
questions that have been surveyed online much like the famed tv show.
It will be podcast live and will be a fun promotional gig for all
involved. Now, what does this have to do with you all? I am looking
for someone to help me figure out how to set up a display for the
answer board. If you have seen the show you know that the answers need
to be hidden at first and revealed when answered. My idea was to do
this in some simple computer form and run into a flat screen display.
But alas, I am simply a brewer and don't know where to start. Do you
 have someone or know where to point me to someone who would want to
help me with such a project? There would be many incentives and could
even be fun! Thanks for reading this winded question. - Sean Thommen

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