[PLUG-TALK] Arduino vs. Other Kid Toys

Richard C. Steffens rsteff at comcast.net
Mon Nov 28 13:26:03 PST 2011

Nothing quite as exciting as previously mentioned, but I was bitten by 
the kit bug with two Knight kits, a stereo amplifier and a tuner, that I 
bought with grass-cutting earnings back in high school ('67 or '68). 
They continued to work well until the early '90s. It gave me enough 
experience that I was willing to go the Heathkit route to our first 
color TV in the last '70s. That TV lasted until the early '90s, too. In 
the early '80s I built a Heathkit dumb terminal to use with my third 
computer (don't remember it's name). That box had this incredibly huge 5 
MB hard disk drive!


Dick Steffens

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