[PLUG-TALK] Local source for 5v car power adapter

Richard C. Steffens rsteff at comcast.net
Mon Sep 12 07:50:09 PDT 2011

Anybody know a local source for a 5v car power adapter? I need local 
because I'll have to take the indoor adapter with me so I can match the 
plug on the 5v end. I saw something on the Radio Shack web site, but it 
was fancier than I need. It had multiple voltages and multiple tips, but 
they want $25 for it.

This is a continuation of my previous search for a replacement battery 
for my Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox. Last spring I was looking for a 
battery that is no longer made. I don't know why I didn't think of a 
cigarette lighter power adapter at that time. The power input jack on 
the Nomad clearly says 5v dc, and the indoor adapter clearly shows that 
the tip is positive and the sleeve is negative.

Googling shows lots of these things, but most of them have USB plugs and 
are for cell phones and such.

Another solution would be if I could get a mini-USB jack and a plug that 
is the right size for the Nomad. Then I'd just use my cell phone car 
charger (after verifying that it's putting out 5 v -- if it's USB isn't 
that going to be a  standard?)


Dick Steffens

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