[PLUG-TALK] Electric cars and Wall Street

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Fri Sep 23 20:36:14 PDT 2011

I am firmly of the belief that electric and hybrid cars are going to
take off. In fact, some already have, and there are more on the way. The
chevy Volt and the Ford Transit Connect are on dealer lots in Portland
as I write this. All of these vehicles use some variety of lithium ion

I wish to make a long-term investment in companies that provide the
batteries for these vehicles. I have been searching and have found a
confusing array of information about companies in this business.

I did buy 1000 shares of ABAT for $1.10, but ABAT is not really what I
am looking for. On the ABAT website there is a pic of the major
personages, and all appear over 40 and starting to run low on
testosterone. The company is stable, but not aggressive with new

Others I have looked at include A123Systems, ActaCell, Azure Dynamics
and Electrovaya. Some are not listed companies, which removes them from
the list of possibilities. Others include big names like NEC, Sanyo,
inter alia, but I want to concentrate on a company that focuses on
batteries for vehicles. And the vehicle manufacturer owns the
production for batteries for some vehicles, but I don't want to invest
in a vehicle manufacturer. 

I am also interested in expanding my knowledge of lithium ion battery
technology (there seem to be numerous variations on the theme, with
accompanying patent issues). I can't make a good investment decision
without understanding the technology. And bear in mind that I took Chem
101 and gratefully accepted a gentleman's B. Hated it almost as much as
Biology. But that is a separate story.

If anyone has an interest in any part of this topic I would love to
hear your input, here or off-list.

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