[PLUG-TALK] [PLUG] VOIP phones for Asterisk

glen e. p. ropella gepr at ropella.net
Tue Sep 27 11:02:04 PDT 2011

Lol!  Thanks to both Michael and Wes for giving me the opportunity for
such a hearty laugh.

Michael C. Robinson wrote circa 11-09-27 10:39 AM:
> God is not a woman.  God is a man, Mary's son, and Mary is his female
> mother.  Calling God a woman is offensive to both me and Him.  Please
> refrain from doing so again.
>> Building an Asterisk system for my wife's office.  3 voice
>> lines coming in.  She Who Must Be Obeyed says, "no hook
>> switch flash, no touch tones, I want lights and buttons".  
>> So - suggestions for IP phones to look at or avoid? 
>> This is temporary.  Long term, I want to use headsets and computer
>> screens for the caller information and routing info, but short
>> term we do it with buttons the old fashioned way. 
>> Interesting that "someone" and I are both working on Asterisk 
>> problems.  God has a weird sense of humor, she does.


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