[PLUG-TALK] Michael Robinson

MJang mike at linuxexam.com
Wed Sep 28 16:56:11 PDT 2011

Dear Keith, 

I applaud your intent, and hope that you succeed. I just would have
wanted to stay a bit more "under the radar," perhaps with a different
thread title.

I concur with your statements about "fundamentalists" in general. Having
lived in rural NC, I've known many. While I've tried to never be
obnoxious about it, I've always been open about my beliefs, and how they
were different. The kindness of so many fundamentalist Christians has
helped me survive the widowhood I suffered nearly 10 years ago. 

Given his long history at PLUG, I assumed that he was older than your
note suggests. Perhaps he can be influenced through his parents and/or
pastor. I say with no small irony, perhaps he can still be saved.


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