[PLUG-TALK] I think I need a metal detector

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Russell> On Sep 28, 2011, at 7:42 PM, John Jason Jordan wrote:

>> The purpose is to locate water lines under a front lawn. That is,
>> the lawn is naturally brown this time of year, but there are two
>> very suspicious lush green spots. The water bureau has been out and
>> they swear it's not on their side.
>> I know zero about metal detectors. Any and all information would be
>> appreciated.

Russell> My water line from the meter to the house is plastic.

When I had my water service replaced several years ago, they pulled in
wirsbo to replace the old galvanized pipe along with a copper wire.  I
asked about the purpose of the copper wire, and they said it was to
help locate the wirsbo down the road.  I guess that's code these days.

I would recommend shutting off the service inside the house, noting
the meter reading, go on vacation for a week and then check the meter
again before you turn on the service again, and see if it moves.  That
would confirm that you have a leak.

When we had our service leak, I did the digging to find the leak, the
plumbers came and managed to pull the old galvanized pipe, about 15
feet of it, straight out into the basement with a come-along and a
gigantic wrench.  They pulled a fishtape through with it, and then pulled the
wirsbo back through the same hole.  Saved a crapton of digging.  Been
working like a champ ever since.

My mother recently had a plumbing disaster with a blowout on an
under-sink flex hose in a bathroom.  Flooded a significant area of
hardwood flooring, still recovering from it.  The floor guys are
refinishing the floor this week.  I recommend avoiding that.

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