[PLUG-TALK] Printer (the other kind of) Jam

Russell Johnson russ at dimstar.net
Fri Dec 21 06:34:58 PST 2012

On Dec 20, 2012, at 7:44 PM, Keith Lofstrom <keithl at gate.kl-ic.com> wrote:

> I opened it up, felt around for an obstruction, and my finger
> came out covered in black tar.  With a flashlight and a pocket
> knife, I dug out about 3 cc's of black gunk - and there may be
> much more in there.

This may be one of the dirty little secrets of inkjet printers. Besides what you found, most of them have what they call a 'waste well', or 'spittoon', or 'waste sponge' where the printer will occasionally spray ink to test the heads. When this well is full, the printer starts giving the "printer jam" error. There's no way to change the well. The manufacture considers that an End Of Life Event, or the printer has reached the end of it's life. You can dig out the ink, which will be a congealed mess, or replace the printer. 

I suspect what you found is maybe the overflow from the self cleaning that an inkjet printer does.

More info: http://www.kadansky.com/files/newsletters/2011/2011_01_26.html

Russell Johnson
russ at dimstar.net

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