[PLUG-TALK] Printer (the other kind of) Jam

Keith Lofstrom keithl at gate.kl-ic.com
Sat Dec 22 06:50:08 PST 2012

On Fri, Dec 21, 2012 at 08:16:05AM -0800, Robert Miesen wrote:
> Not necessarily. Toner might cost more up front to purchase, but when 
> you account for both the (usually) lower marginal cost of printing a 
> page of paper and the much longer shelf life of a toner cartridge 
> compared to an ink cartridge, you'll probably save money...so much so 
> that the savings will pay for the cost of the color laser printer in as 
> little as a year or two.

Thanks for the feedback about waste wells and spittoons and such.
It is useful to know that there is gunk sloshing around inside,
and that storing an older inkjet sideways could result in nasty
ooze coming out.  While a laser is more contained than that, 
lasers do not like being tipped with cartridges inside - toner
can leak, too, and can get into the optical calibration channels.
Probably fixable with high pressure compressed air, but without
a shop compressor you are in for some disassembly.

Indeed, I am sold on lasers, and widely deploy HP2600 series
printers for my office and my wife's office.  I picked up an
HP2605dn (duplexing, ethernet) with half full cartridges at
the Goodwill near Free Geek a couple of weeks ago for $70. 
I had to replace a streaky blue cartridge - probably why
this printer ended up at Goodwill.

For toner, I buy refurbs at Cartridge Network in Raleigh Hills,
Decent prices and the owner is somewhere between informative
and amusing.

My father-in-law prints a lot of pictures on photo paper, so the
quality of such prints and their cost will be important.  Here
in computer-bereft Maryland, I must pay attention to sources of
toner.  There is a mediocre refill place 10 miles away, or Orifice
Depot and Stupils and $$$.  I've given up on eBay for toner - too
many counterfeits, not a good place for my trusting f.i.l.


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