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Not even something to joke about, Mr. Lofstrom. this isn't Ogrish.com. 

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>My wife's business got an email "Customer Satisfaction Survey"
>from Century Link.  The usual "we select the questions, we
>combine responses into a self-congratulatory numbers, we remain
>clueless until the competition takes away our customers" deal.
>It is amazing the lengths some organizations go to in order to
>avoid learning what their customers actually want them to hear,
>in the customer's own words.
>Then, based on Rule 43, I decided to go looking for the 
>Auschwitz Customer Satisfaction Survey.  I found 7180 google
>results for:
>   Auschwitz "Customer Satisfaction Survey"
>though none for all four words quoted.  
>So I guess somebody will need to write one.  "Were the guards
>attentive and businesslike?"  "Were the showers clean?"  "Did
>you like our brand of Zyklon B?"  "How do we compare to other
>concentration camps?" und so weiter. 
>We could put the responses on punch cards, run them through
>our Dehomag Tabelliermaschine D11, and join the front rank
>of technologically advanced, customer-focused organizations!
>:-(  :-(  :-(  for all who haven't yet figured that out.
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