[PLUG-TALK] Frys out of hard drives

Richard Powell plug at hackhawk.net
Sun Jan 29 15:29:50 PST 2012

On 1/29/2012 2:35 PM, Keith Lofstrom wrote:
> The Friday Fry's ad in the Oregonian (four big pages of expensive
> distracting stuff) had no ads for hard drives.  They've been
> advertising hard drives for 30+ years (since their first store
> advertised in the San Jose Mercury).  ?

Bought a few (3) ReadyNAS 2100's (8TB) for $2,500 about 6 months ago.
Now they're going for $3,999.  Primarily because of the hard drive costs
I'm told.

I just got back from an LA working trip this morning.  The Frys in
Burbank had bare hard drive shelves as well.  Literally nothing on the
shelves, except for a single returned/opened resale 1.5TB WD drive.  In
fact, much of their inventory seemed to be lacking.  I had to drive to
the Woodland Hills Frys to get 1' Cat6 cables.  I was thinking they were
just having management issues with their inventory, but your email
reminded me that there's a reason for the lack of hard drives on those
shelves.  Perhaps it was just coincidence they were out of other stuff
(cables & tools) as well.


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