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wes plug at the-wes.com
Tue Jul 24 23:33:31 PDT 2012

I have a Kenmore refridgerator with a built-in ice maker and water
dispenser. these are powered by small water pumps at the bottom in the
back. Recently, the water dispenser stopped dispensing. I could still hear
the pump running when I hit the switch. I couldn't find any clogs in the
water line. I took apart and wiggled all the bits and connections. now the
water dispenser works again, but leaks at the pump whenever it's
dispensing. Not much, just a few drops per second, but not something I want
to pretend I didn't notice. I've tried everything I can think of to get it
to quit. It has those liquid hose connectors where you have to push in the
ring surrounding the hose to get it to come out. Then you just push the
hose back in and it automatically secures up. I suppose I could try putting
some sealant on the end of the hose or something. I'd like to try the
replacement route if it's not too expensive before I try the snake oil

So, I'd like to check into replacing the whole pump assembly. The numbers
on the side are n-86-qc by Invensys. Google shows me several similar
models, and I could probably scavenge the pumps and swap things around to
work if I had to. I just wanted to see if anyone here who does a lot of odd
parts hunting could find this particular model in some catalog somewhere
that didn't show up in google results.

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