[PLUG-TALK] If you have Megapath and plan on cancelling...

Michael Rasmussen michael at jamhome.us
Thu Jul 25 09:08:24 PDT 2013

Be aware that:
    Everthing they do is through the invoice system, a batch process that runs monthly
    You may (are likely?) to be billed for the month after your service cancellation
        example: you cancel on the 16th, invoice is generated on the 20th, ding your card on 27th
    They "cannot" generate an invoice at your request
    They "cannot" generate a refund for the billing after you cancelled your service without an invoice
    They just advised me the process to get my refund could take two months. 

Calling my bank I find I can (either through the mail or by visiting a branch if I want to rush it) 
file a dispute and possibly get the matter resolved (meaning get my money back) in about 10 days.

I was pretty disgusted with Megapath (and DSL providers in general) for providing zero 
technology upgrades over 15 years of service. 
I'm now pretty pissed at Megapath for the shoddy end of service customer service. 

Very fortunately I do not have a tight budget and can float the funds. 
If you are not so fortunate and are their customer you are forewarned. 

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