[PLUG-TALK] Another reason to use free (as in beer) software

Richard plug at hackhawk.net
Fri Oct 4 09:17:40 PDT 2013

On 10/4/2013 8:14 AM, Rich Shepard wrote:
> On Fri, 4 Oct 2013, Michael Rasmussen wrote:
>> Your credit card number is not on file to be stolen.
>     Interesting, Michael. I suppose those 2.9 million customers are all
> individuals since companies probably pay by check or wire transfer.
> Rich

Well, I run a small business that gave Adobe Creative Cloud my business 
credit card only 4 or so months ago.   I needed (or strongly desired) 
immediate access/download of the software to get started on a few 
projects.   They use the card to bill every month.

I'm not aware of any open/free software that compares to the Adobe 
products available with the Creative Cloud service.  I've done some 
searching and some testing of recommended free alternatives.  But in 
every case, they took longer to get things done and had a learning 
curve.   The free ones are fine for small projects here and there and 
certainly for individuals/hobbyists.  But if your job requires these 
types of products, every minute you can save on repetitive tasks adds up 
in the end.


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