[PLUG-TALK] T410 AC plug repair

MJang mike at linuxexam.com
Sun Jan 19 08:00:53 PST 2014


Looking for advice on good computer repair shops, anywhere between SE
PDX and E Vancouver -- 1201.com looks like a good candidate.

I'm somewhat sure that the AC plug on my Lenovo T410 needs repair - the
symptoms match just about all of those listed here --
http://dc.jack-repair.com/Lenovo/Thinkpad_T410 . And the symptoms sound
familiar when compared to other online discussions.

If it weren't for the possible need to solder, I might do the repair

It's a great laptop otherwise, and with the way I've souped it up, the
specs still seem comparable to many laptops today (8GB RAM / 500G HD,
etc) -- though I do find the specs for PCIe SSD hard drives to be
tempting (though pricey).

In the interests of not traveling too far to get things repaired, I find
a lot of good reviews of 1201.com on Hawthorne (I live near the TJs in
SE, and commute to E Vancouver).

Now that I have a "work" laptop (a Macbook), a few days for the T410 in
the shop doesn't seem intimidating.


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