[PLUG-TALK] memory designations and suggestions

Denis Heidtmann denis.heidtmann at gmail.com
Sun Jun 22 09:57:16 PDT 2014

My Asus M3N78-VM MB presently has 2 GB ram made up of two 1G ddr2-800
modules.  It can take up to 8GB using four 2GB modules.  I am confused
about what memory designations are compatible.  The MB manual uses the
terms single-side/double-sided which seem to be missing in present

Ideally I would like to fully load it, but have not seen these 2GB
modules for a reasonable price.  Newegg and ENU show little stock.
Is 2GB at EOL?  An alternative would be to add two 2GB to get to 6GB
total or two 1GB to get to 4GB total, (but 1GB may be even less

My questions:  What designations pin down compatibility and where
might I find something?


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